Ashmoregrupp | ABOUT US
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  • AshmoreGrupp is a consultancy service and investment company specialising in (International) Real Estate Investment
  • Amongst International Investors we have earned a reputation as a consultancy adept at sourcing the very best investment properties that return stable and attractive yields
  • Our investment expertise encompasses Hotel, Retail, Office, and Family Property
  • We have a network of contact worldwide located in key centres of Europe
  • Our European reach ensures we are best placed to identify, and take advantage of the most attractive real estate investment opportunities in the world’s key markets and strike the best deals for our client
  • We target investment opportunities in trusted locations with stable economic and political environments, with a particular focus on Germany, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary
  • We focus on secure investment strategies offering long term rental income, typically 10/15/20 year terms, from secure and reliable tenants
  • Our professional experience includes providing turnkey investment solutions to investors seeking to adopt a passive investment strategy
  • We are experienced in representing investors seeking to gain exposure in new markets, providing strategic advice at all stages of the acquisition process from sourcing and identification, through to negotiation, and asset management