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Spain occupies a strategic position on the southwest of the European continent bordered on its east and south coast by the Mediterranean Sea. The commercial property sector in Spain has recently become the focus of international real estate investor attention with investors attracted by the higher yields on offer and a steadily improving economy. A highly educated workforce of over 23m, the country is home to many leading companies including high profile world class brands such as the fashion retailer Zara.

It has procured a highly developed ICT sector and has a booming established tourism industry. Excellent transport infrastructure, including a high-speed rail network linking 19 Spanish provinces and 27 cities, ensures terrific connectivity. The country also acts as an important gateway to the valuable European, Latin American and North Africa markets.

Both high street stores and shopping centres are proving popular whilst retail parks located on city fringes continue to maintain investor approval. Meanwhile the office and residential sectors are enjoying sustained demand in the prime locations. Elsewhere, the hotel investment market is largely concentrated in the tourist hot spots of Vienna and Salzburg as well as the Alpine regions. Hotel investment opportunities are beginning to open up in some provincial cities though it is expected that the aforementioned Vienna, Salzburg and the Alpine areas will continue to lead the way.