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Are you looking for someone who will buy your house or apartment immediately?

When you work with WeBuyYourHouse (KVOSTJA.EE) everything is fast and simple. Since 2008 we are buying real estate properties all over Europe.

Selling your property to us has many advantages, it is the best way to be assured of a fast and guaranteed sale of your property without hassle and difficult negotiations.

How it works:

You want to sell your property? You wish to receive an offer on your property today and have a guaranteed sale? Just make an appointment with WeBuyYourHouse (KVOSTJA.EE) and receive our free quote. On the moment you accept our offer we will discuss with you a final delivery date. We will prepare the purchase contract and you will receive the funds after completion at the notary. It is as simple as that.

So the steps to follow:

  1. Please contact us by completing the contact form on our website or call on number +372 5557 7543
  2. After receiving all information regarding your property we will assess this and if we are interested contact you.
  3. When after visiting we are still interested in your property you will receive our final offer and your home can be sold within 24 hours

Benefits of dealing with WeBuyYourHouse:

Save time and money by selling your house directly to us. Selling your house directly yourself, without a broker, offers you many advantages.

For example, when you are faced with a divorce, death or financial problems, WeBuyYourHouse (KVOSTJA.EE) buys your property directly, without intermediaries.

  • Imagine how much time and money you save without:

  • ✓ The many visits of potential buyers
    ✓ Agency fees, notary fees or other extra costs
    ✓ Complex contracts
    ✓ Wrong valuation and pricing
    ✓ Always cleaning your house when viewers come

Immediately a good offer?

If you wish, WeBuyYourHouse (KVOSTJA.EE) will visit you today to determine the value of your home and to make a proposal.

With direct and quick sale of your property you know quickly what guaranteed price you get for your home.

If, on the other hand, you sell your house through a broker, you run the risk of wrong or unclear pricing, or the chances are that many viewers come to look at it but do not buy your house.

Also compared to a public sale you are better off with a free sale (without a broker). Especially at WeBuyYourHouse (KVOSTJA.EE), here you know immediately what amount you receive, while in a public sale you have to wait which price is finally offered.

Discretion assured:

If you sell your house without a broker you can do this in all discretion, without anyone having to know that you are selling your house.

  • You sell your house directly to WeBuyYourHouse and therefore do not suffer from:

  • ✓ Curious people who come to view your home
    ✓ A sales plate for your door
    ✓ Ads with photos of your home

Make an appointment now.

Make an online request for an appointment and sell your house today! Upon completion of the property, payment is also made directly via the notary. There is no greater certainty!