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1. Is selling my property via WeBuyYourHouse really free?

Selling your home through WeBuyYourHouse is completely free. No hidden costs or small print apply. Your application is first assessed by our broker. If interested we make an appointment for viewing. If we reach agreement on the sales price, we will settle all financial matters up to the notary for you. No advertising, brokerage or notary fees will be added.


2. Do we always receive the best offer for my home?

We strive to always make the best offer on a property. And in most cases that is no problem for us!


3. Is WeBuyYourHouse reliable and how do you deal with my privacy?

We distinguish ourselves by the decisive and correct way of doing business. We are very discreet and respect your privacy. Reliability and compliance with appointments are of paramount importance to us. We therefore always provide clarity and certainty.

At WeBuyYourHouse you know exactly where you stand. Small letters or ‘hidden snakes’ do not occur to us. If desired, we can pass on to you various notary offices or people with whom we have done business.


4. I have rented my house. Can I sell the house in rented condition to WeBuyYourHouse?

Empty, or in rented condition is no problem for WeBuyYourHouse.


5. Is the bid on my property guaranteed?

No, all (tender) bids are without obligation unless expressly stated otherwise. WeBuyYourHouse makes the reservation that a purchase is not made earlier than after mutual legal signing of a purchase agreement drawn up by our office.


6. My house is already for sale at a broker, is that a problem?

No, even though your house is now for sale at a broker, you can simply offer your home with us. You can even have your broker contact us if you wish to receive a direct bid for your home. We are of course discrete with your information, we will never approach your broker yourself.


7. Does WeBuyYourHouse buy houses anywhere in Estonia?

Yes, WeBuyYourHouse buys houses throughout Estonia.


8. Is an offer always made by WeBuyYourHouse?

No, we do not bid on all houses. We are reluctant with more expensive houses and with apartments in sparsely populated areas. Sometimes the current asking price of a house is (much) too high compared to the current market value.

When WeBuyYourHouse has to correct the prices for these houses to the current market value and subsequently have to apply a purchase correction, the difference between what you want as revenue for the house and the amount we would offer you will become very large. We will then not issue a bid.


9. Is the offer I receive from WeBuyYourHouse guaranteed by phone or mail?

We offer you on the basis of the description and information you provide. The more detailed your home is described, the better the bid! So be honest, comprehensive and correct.

The offer that you receive from us by phone or email is only an indication, you can not (yet) derive any rights from this.

10. Is it possible to sell commercial real estate to WeBuyYourHouse?

Yes, that possibility exists. You can also simply offer business premises and investment properties to us.