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1. Is it possible that I immediately receive money when I sell my house to WeBuyYourHouse?

Yes, in some specific cases when it is really necessary then it is possible to get money directly. You will then receive an advance payment on the purchase price via the notary. You can immediately have the money to pay off any debts.

2. Is there a three-day reflection time rule or a financing reservation when selling to WeBuyYourHouse?

The statutory cooling-off period (protection for private buyers) does not apply to WeBuyYourHouse. After all, we buy commercially and then the statutory cooling-off period does not apply.

We also do not include a financing reservation in the purchase deed. You are therefore assured that your home has been sold without any reflection period and financing reservation if the signatures have been placed.

3. Due to a lack of funds, I can no longer meet my payment obligations towards the mortgage lender. Is there a possibility that WeBuyYourHouse is handling the settlement with the bank?

WeBuyYourHouse helps with the settlement towards your mortgage lender. Should an executorial sale be started, then our advice is urgent to act and then contact us directly.

Selling your house to WeBuyYourHouse simply generates more money than if your house is sold through an executory sale.


4. Do I have to leave my house immediately when I sell my house to WeBuyYourHouse?

No, you do not have to leave your home immediately when you sell to WeBuyYourHouse. The delivery / transfer takes place in consultation with WeBuyYourHouse, just as with a normal private sale to a private buyer. You can also choose various other options, such as sale on demand.