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1. By whom are the purchase and transport orders drawn up?

The notary or WeBuyYourHouse draws up the purchase agreement. The transport deed is drawn up by the notary at all times. You can indicate that you prefer that the notary draws up the purchase agreement or that the contract is checked by the notary. We wish for both parties a transparent and legally correct settlement.

2. When will a purchase be made with WeBuyYourHouse?

There is only a purchase or sale of a registered property if all agreements are recorded in a written contract signed by WeBuyYourHouse and signed by all parties. Verbal promises, and / or bids made by e-mail are not valid as long as these have not been laid down in writing by our office in a purchase agreement.

3. Can the purchase by WeBuyYourHouse be dissolved when the purchase agreement has been signed?

We distinguish ourselves by the decisive and correct way of doing business. We are very discreet and respect your privacy. Reliability and compliance with appointments are of paramount importance to us. We therefore always provide clarity and certainty.

At WeBuyYourHouse you know exactly where you stand. Small letters or ‘hidden snakes’ do not occur to us. If desired, we can pass on to you various notary offices or people with whom we have done business.


Other additional costs:

Does the sale of my house to WeBuyYourHouse entail costs?

All costs of the buyer will be borne by WeBuyYourHouse. We do not charge any extra costs for our services.

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