Ashmoregrupp | WHO ARE WE
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Who are we and what can we do for you?

Sell your house quickly to WeBuyYourHouse Your home will not remain on the market for months on end. You are not bothered by just curious people who do not buy your house anyway and you are not stuck with us on a broker contract.

We are also interested in the people behind the house and take into account everyone’s interest and everyone’s personal situation. We have years of experience and are professionals with knowledge of real estate and feeling for people.

WeBuyYourHouse is a professional and real estate company where you have the opportunity to sell your house quickly and definitively. We have a long track record of buying homes in the European real estate sector and we are wealthy so that we can buy your home, apartment or investment property ourselves. So we buy your home ourself!


Your children are out and it’s time for a smaller house. Maybe you have arrears on your mortgage payments or you may have a bad tenant. A death has occurred, a division of the inheritance and you do not want a hassle with inheritance tax or a surviving property. Your home has overdue maintenance and requires extensive renovation. There are reasons why people want or even have to sell their house immediately.

Selling your home directly to us means direct and 100% sales security for your home as a private home salesman. The sale of your house at a fair selling price can be arranged very quickly

Our organization has been around for many years. We were founded in 2008 and we are an independent real estate company that specializes in direct buying and selling of homes throughout Europe. Thanks to a good name in the buying up of houses, more and more house sellers are finding the way to WeBuyYourHouse. As a result, we are able to act quickly and decisively at any time and to make a bid on your home. In our view, clarity and openness leads to more involvement and trust, and we feel comfortable with that.


We distinguish ourselves by the decisive and correct way of doing business with a feeling for people. We are very discreet and respect your privacy.

Reliability and compliance with appointments are also of paramount importance to us. We therefore always provide clarity and certainty, and we only work together with recognized notaries and independent financial institutions.

We are flexible, with us you can go in all directions. The only condition is that the price for your home must be interesting and realistic. We are happy to discuss with you all options  that best suit your personal situation. For more information, contact us free of charge and without obligation.